Industrial Sector

Our Industrials Team provides counsel to companies focused on the engineering, manufacture or movement of finished goods.

In recent years, a series of new opportunities and risks have emerged within the Industrial sector.

Advanced manufacturing breakthroughs, just-in-time inventory solutions and the trend toward increased automation remain key sector tailwinds, while inflationary cost pressures and protectionist policies remain headwinds.

In a period of flux, industrial companies are reducing costs through the adoption of digital automation, while shedding underperforming or non-core assets as part of a broader effort to create a streamlined asset base.  As a heavily capital-intensive sector, companies remain keenly focused on free cash generation and return on invested capital metrics, while continuing to manage debt metrics with discipline and conservatism.

In a sector where constant change is the only certainty, we help our clients build compelling narratives that educate and inform the audiences that matter. We are well acquainted with the institutional investors and sell-side analysts covering the space, along with the myriad legislative, regulatory and competitive factors that have the potential to impact valuation.


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Automotive OEM
Trucking & Rail
Manufacturing & Components
Packaging & Containers

Industrial Sector Contacts

Noel Ryan III, IRC, Senior Partner

Chase Jacobson, Managing Director